Virtual Reality

Taking it to the next level..

With the use of the HTC VIVE headset you're able to transport yourself into a true virtual reality experience.  


For use of the HTC VIVE and VR room

$15 - 30 min.
$25 - 1 hour  

The VR experience is for ages 8 and up. We ask that 16 and under must have an adult in the room during any time on the simulator. Children 8 and under are not allowed in the VR room for liability purposes.



  • Use equipment properly and as intended. Wrist straps on both hands.

  • Only one person at a time.

  • Be aware of your surroundings before placing on headset.

  • Give each other space and help someone with the room available if needed.

  • Get a staff to help with changing of games or technical issues.

  • Children under 16 must have an adult with them at all times.

  • No foul language please.


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